we carefully go over everything we are going to do
treasured possessions are carefully packed and unpacked
moving may be stressful, but not when you use Moves With a Heart
we can take the stress out of moving
we discuss our services with you and your family
you have more important things to do than worry about moving
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our services
Initial Complimentary Consultation
  Moves With a Heart visits your home to get to know you, assess your needs and offer suggestions about how to begin the process. Our senior transition services are tailored to meet your specific needs.
Personalized Relocation Planning
  heart icon Establish timeline for the move
  heart icon Sorting and decision making
    What to keep
    What to sell
    What to donate
    What to shred or discard
    What to store
    What to pass on to family members
  heart icon Space planning - taking measurements, preparing customized floor plan
  heart icon Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers
  heart icon Coordinate services of estate sale, charity pickup, rubbish removal, storage, etc.
  heart icon Transfer utilities and manage address changes
  heart icon Notify physicians offices and pharmacies of the move
  heart icon Arrange for special consideration needs, such as pianos, pets, etc.
  heart icon Coordinate with new community
  heart icon Coordination and oversight of packing
  heart icon Organize to optimize the movers efficiency
Moving Day and Settling Into Your New Home
  heart icon Meet and direct movers
  heart icon Unpack and remove boxes and supplies
  heart icon Arrange furniture based upon the floor plan
  heart icon Set up kitchen, living area, bathrooms and bedrooms (we will even make the bed!)
  heart icon Hang pictures, shower curtains, placement of accents
  heart icon Coordinate with the community for set up of electronics
  heart icon Finishing touches—make it your "home sweet home"
Related Services
  heart icon Organize permanent documents for easy retrieval and reference
  heart icon Assist with selection of realtor for sale of home
  heart icon Arrange for shipment of items
  "Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest,
is surely home, home sweet home, for there the heart can rest."
  Author Unknown